is a team-based program to balance lifestyle. Using Healthy Talks and the Pocket Health Diary helps us maintain Healthy Weight, contain lifestyle related Preventable Health Problems and Health Care Costs.

Your body is your most precious possession
Balance and Maintain it well.

Balance your lifestyle as a team involving yourself, your family and friends to enjoy many health benefits. The most valuable benefits include: maintaining a Healthy Weight, containment of Preventable Health Problems and Health Care Costs.

let us balance
Pocket Health Diary (PHD)

The Pocket health Diary (PHD) is a health logbook type tool that assists in Recording, Identifying and Balancing lifestyle habits.

kris's story.
Is it your story too?
Achieving good health and a balanced lifestyle needs more than discipline and will power. In the short video, you will see how everyone can learn to deal with information overload and utilize the right resources for their collective benefit of cultivating good eating and exercising habits while dealing with various challenges of life.

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"HealthyTalks” is a planned 'talking activity' to encourage family and friends for living a Balanced Lifestyle and help contain preventable health problems and  health care costs. 


By motivating yourself, your family, friends and like-minded people to live a Balanced lifestyle.

A Balanced Lifestyle is a combination of: 

  • Food / drink (moderation is key)
  • Physical activity(on a regular basis)
  • Relationship / Work/Money / Leisure/ Hobbies / Entertainment / Sport / Spirituality (personal choice
  • Coping with factors beyond your control (Lack or excess of any of these factors can upset the Balance)
Types of 'Healthy Talks"
let us balance

Where formal / informal discussions take place between the participants.

let us balance

Provided by health professionals

let us balance

Using 5 steps: Goals-Solutions-Teamwork-Motivation-Monitor.

Useful Tips
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News and Views


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