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"Prevention is better than cure"


Rising health care costs and lifestyle-related preventable health & social problems.



Awareness and Actions at Individual, Social, and National levels are our Solutions to contain Lifestyle-related Preventable Health & Social problems and Rising Health Care Costs.



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Democracy - a manipulated numbers game played by few, is forced onto the majority

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What is HealthyTalks                   

"HealthyTalks" is a planned  talking activity to encourage family and friends for living a Balanced Lifestyle and help contain preventable health problems and healthcare costs.

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Why is HealthyTalks Important                   

Health problems and issues are often ignored or neglected until they demand serious attention. We believe that by talking about health issues there is a greater likelihood of exchange of information and experiences.

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How to Organise HealthyTalks                   

Get around 2-6 like-minded people and form a group. Choose a convenient venue, day and time for weekly meetings. Select a health-related subject of common interest and allocate 3 minutes to each participant.

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Kris's Story

Kris, age 45 lives with partner and voting age daughter and son, drives ten km through a busy traffic to the workplace to earn an honest average living to raise a good family. In-spite of following advice from health professionals, Kris has developed Gastric reflux and Obesity and is unable to see a regular doctor since the fee rise.

Kris’s helplessness for not able to help children to avoid using drugs/alcohol even with the help of professionals is adding pressure resulting in showing signs of Anxiety/Depression.

Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising healthcare costs is a continual process and it affects all of us. It is important for us to understand what leads to rising costs and what role an individual can play to keep preventable lifestyle related health and social problems, and expenses, in check. As shown in this diagram, there are numerous factors at play in our lives - starting with the Universe, Natural forces, Demographic or Social factors...all the way to Individual Habits, Self-control and Action Plan.

The better we understand all factors, the more effective our action plan.Action ONE is currently being used by many to solve the problem. But it tends spread the responsibility too far across. Result - lack of focus and ownership.In Action TWO the individual starts with self-assessment. Makes a team of family & friends and engages in a planned "Healthy Talks" activity. This team effort leads to achieving desired results of health and happiness of all involved.


Watch Kris's story.
Is it your story too?

Achieving good health and a balanced lifestyle needs more than discipline and will power. In the short video, you will see how everyone can learn to deal with information overload and utilize the right resources for their collective benefit of cultivating good eating and exercising habits while dealing with various challenges of life.

We hope you enjoy the presentation. Please send your feedback to feedback@letusbalance.com

Your body is your most
precious possession               


Let us balance is a team-based program to balance lifestyle. Using Healthy Talks and the Pocket Health Diary helps us maintain Healthy Weight, contain lifestyle related


Pocket Health Diary (PHD)

The Pocket health Diary (PHD) is a health logbook type tool that assists in Recording, Identifying and Balancing lifestyle habits.


  • Purpose - A Purpose in life. Pursue as long as possible.
  • Positive - A Positive attitude. Recall 'happy' times to negate negative feelings.
  • People - People need people. Live with families, friends & others.
  • Present - Live in the Present TIME.
  • Pennies - Earn an honest living to meet the basic needs.

Find Your Lifestyle Balance               

Are you leading a balanced lifestyle? Try recollecting your lifestyle over the past 2 weeks and learn how you can improve in key areas of health and happiness.
To find your lifestyle

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Balance Your Lifestyle               

Balance your lifestyle as a team involving yourself, your family and friends to enjoy many health benefits. The most valuable benefits include: maintaining a Healthy Weight, containment of Preventable Health Problems and Health Care Costs.

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